Go direct

Go Direct Mailing & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the group of three companies- Spenta Vision Techno Services Pvt. Ltd. and Go Logistics Pvt. Ltd. . Founded by Firoz Havewala, Go direct has been in business now for more than 20 years. Firoz’s extensive experience not only in the International markets but also in India provides Go direct a work style and expertise that transcends geographical boundaries. Armed with a team of more than a 100 employees and offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Jabalpur and in parts of Gujarat we strive to meet the client’s needs and demands.


Direct Marketing

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In a market of excess and plenty, it is important to get noticed and make an impression. Direct Marketing enables promoting products and services in an effectual fashion through direct campaigning.

Digital Marketing

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In an era where people eat, sleep and breathe digital, Digital Marketing acts as a potent medium that drives home the message across a wide spectrum of audience rapidly and effectively.

Mailing list

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When it comes to Direct Marketing, mailing lists are a powerful instrument in being able to reach out to and influence suitable customers.

Event Management

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We offer complete event planning & management services, programming & production, entertainment & special event coordination, high-quality activities, and event promotion.