About Go-Direct

Go direct is India’s only direct mailing and marketing company that offers comprehensive customised solutions to facilitate business development. Established in 1995, by Firoz Havewala, Go direct is based in Mumbai, a city that derives its strength from its professional work culture and commercial infrastructure.

Firoz’s extensive experience in International markets provides Go direct a work style and expertise that transcends geographical boundaries.

India is one of the largest and most important English speaking direct marketing markets in the world, which has tremendous potential for growth in Direct Mailing & Marketing.

When you do business with Go direct, you will experience the difference that Go direct makes to your business at all levels. At Go direct, we not only strive to understand your present needs but also try to anticipate your future needs. These needs can be anything ranging from acquisition of new consumers to retention of existing ones.

This is further enhanced by our proactive attitude of offering services such as identifying lucrative consumer segments, development of communication and tracking responses. Needless to say, all these activities need an efficient and effective data management system, which is our forte.

Our Digital Marketing vertical is an added support which complements our direct marketing efforts.

Appropriate use of Data Mining and Database Management technology helps enhance the quality of our work.

Unlike other direct marketing and mailing firms that adopt a myopic approach based on short term revenue generation, Go direct believes in securing committed relationships with its clients by delivering timely, accurate and relevant solutions. The list of our clientele is testimony to this fact.