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Who We Are

Who We Are

Godirect is India’s only direct mailing and marketing company that offers comprehensive customized solutions to facilitate business development. Established in 1995, by Firoz Havewala, Godirect is based in Mumbai, a city that derives its strength from its professional work culture and commercial infrastructure.


Meet the Team

Firoz Havewala

Director, Owner & Creator, Go Direct

It takes a lot to reach the top, and the Director, Owner, and Creator- Firoz Havewala, made sure to reach it. With an ace amount of experience in the marketing field for more than fourty-five years, Mr. Havewala felt that- there is a lack of digital strategy. Through- Go Direct, his idea is to bring to light the digital strategy, and creativity of design and content to online business.

Neelam Havewala

Head Client Servicing, Go Direct

Neelam is a firm believer in the saying that- things that annoy me end up fueling my creativity. She is someone- if she wants something, she wants it. She is the one who's calm and composed and vouches for value over money always.

Sadanand Bangera

Head Business Development, Go Direct

A man with an ace amount of knowledge about business development, Mr. Bangera takes pride in what he does and makes us all equally proud every day. Mr. Bangera has worked with several businesses in the past and desires to create avant-garde business development strategies.

Mayuri Pednekar

Head Of Accounts, Go Direct

Head of Accounts is the most hectic yet fun person, and Ms. Pednekar is an interesting woman to discuss office financial details with. She makes it all so much easier- the woman has the potential of making accounts look easy and fun.

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