Who we are

We are a group of 3 companies, Go Direct Mailing & Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Spenta Vision Pvt. Ltd. and Go Logistics Pvt. Ltd., established in 1995 by Firoz Havewala. Across the 3 companies we offer varied services, but what remain common are our steady, reliable and timely services. We believe that the companies we work for are more like “partners” for us rather than “clients”, where we work together with them for the best possible outcome. Starting off the company in Mumbai with just 2 employees, today we have more than a 100 employees and offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Jabalpur and in parts of Gujarat.

Our team:

Firoz Havewala: Director

Having started working since the late 60s, as a salesman for Kismet Pvt. Ltd, slowly rising amongst the ranks for various companies moving abroad to Saudi Arabia and working for Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo from 1976, starting as meet and assist personnel receiving and assisting visitors to becoming the divisional manager in 1987 through 1994, it was a long and rewarding journey for Mr. Havewala.

After working for almost 30 years, he along with two others in 1995 started “Go direct Mailing and Marketing Pvt. Ltd” with the idea of providing its clients with direct mailing and marketing solutions across India and abroad. He is the brains behind the company and is responsible for developing mails and marketing concepts along with the related services such as data capture, data analysis, data cleaning and data management helping our clients. And with the clients abroad, he’s familiar to designing and conceptualizing the entire mailing, the selection of appropriate target audience to the response management.

Sadanand Bangera:

Mr. Bangera has been in the company since early 2000’s. He’s one of the cornerstones of the company, bringing in all the clients, managing them along with three companies: Go direct, Spenta Vision and Go Logistics, providing a smooth channel for clients to run their business. He possesses superb communication skills and has the ability to build up rapport easily with the clients. Sadanand doesn’t hesitate to open up to the clients to find out their requirements and then present them with a wide range of services and solutions. He isn’t afraid to work outside his comfort zone to get the client’s work done.

He is partially responsible for managing new and existing clients, developing them to their full potential to ensure consistent recurring revenues hereby maintaining commercially productive relationships with them.

Kamlesh Vyas: Group Accounts Manager

He started his career in marketing with Go Direct and as years passed by; he became more acquainted with the company and currently is the group accounts manager of the company. He has sound knowledge on client servicing and business development. Kamlesh is a potential and experienced executive who is able to generate lead sales activities with credibility. He is an expert at ensuring that any marketing strategies integrate and work well within a client’s business ecosystem.

He has the ability to juggle with multiple works and what really makes him stand out is his the way he coordinates the activities of different marketing teams. He also plans for future potential business and utilizes his experience of both traditional and new media marketing channels.

Neelam Havewala: Contact Centre Head

Neelam is one of the oldest employees we have and currently is the manager of our contact centre and overlooks the daily running and management of the centre through the effective use of resources. She is good at what she does as she successfully manages and leads the team and mentors them as she fully understands the value of superior customer care. As part of her job, she actively is involved in every aspect of operations in the company.She has high level of social confidence and clear understanding along with the ability to persuade staff to maximize their work rate and effectiveness.

Throughout her career she has consistently produced high quality leads with set targets and eventually increased profits for the company. With her present employees she has successfully delivered numerous inbound and outbound telemarketing campaigns.

Pooja Rao: Project Manager-Recruitment & Placement, Training & Workshops

Pooja is an experienced and highly motivated analyst who has worked on wide range of projects. With her excellent organizing skill, she ensures that the day-to-day operations of the business run smoothly and at the same time is capable of managing multiple projects. In addition to that, her fluent communication skills make it easier to coordinate with the clients. As a project manager, she is brilliant when it comes to managing staff from different cultural backgrounds. She has been with Go Direct for almost a decade and currently is managing the Recruitment and Placement vertical of the company.

Pooja also conducts training and workshops for college students as well as fresher, batch wise in our Jabalpur branch. She closely works with our HR department for Recruitment and Placement. She is an expert in headhunting the right candidate for the job and grooms the candidate whenever necessary.

Dushyant Mahicha: Business Development Manager-Market Research

Dushyant is the Business development manager from a market research background, with over 25 years of invaluable experience of working for renowned company, Hindustan Unilever Limited. Over the years, he has been exposed to all types of Market Research techniques and is capable of handling the entire process to set up an in house Market Research Department.

Along with planning and building a team to managing the operations and make decisions, he also looks after the budgeting and profit maximization through stringent cost controls & optimum resource allocation.

Mayuri Pednekar: HR and Finance

Mayuri became a part of the company back in 2010 and has been responsible for the finance and the human resource department with her main role being the HR support, guiding and advising all company staff.She has an experience of sourcing candidates, conducting interviews and writing up the employee contracts as well as resolving employee relation issues. Most importantly she manages the work force amongst three companies as she firmly believes that the work should be distributed among the team to get things done on time.

She has been a pivotal part of the company,as she takes care of the money and utilizes it in every way possible by distributing among various departments. Mayuri is highly organized, orientated and dependable professional who possesses theoretical as well as practical accounting knowledge and experience to a diverse range of financial issues. Apart from taking care of the government taxes, salary slips and vendors, she also plays a role in making the decision about the future investments for the company. She along with the team of two, keep a track record of making a direct impact on the company’s success and they are excellent when it comes to working within demanding accounting cycles and to month-end closing deadlines.